The identity came from the simple idea of crossing the street, of bridging a gap, of connecting. Spoiler alert: it’s a pedestrian crossing.





SMoD on background

We wanted to facilitate a new kind of exposure for design, art and architecture, and hoped to make it a bit more commonplace, less removed from those outside of it. We painted the building with a map of Cape Town and its surrounds.

SMoD Menu Example
Window Display Real
Smod Main Live 01

We decided to officially launch the museum with an exhibition that celebrates the inspiring art, design and architecture of Cape Town, the creative capital. The launch was brought alive by a great attendance, wine, food trucks and a surprise visit from The Nomadic Orchestra, serenading us late into the night.

Launch Corner


Launch Projector

Running for only 5 months out of a suggested 12, we packed up the Street Museum of Design. Our lack of funding and creative differences with our collaborators made the upkeep of the museum all but unmanageable. It was an exciting endeavour I am proud to have tackled, but a project of this magnitude needs a clearer focus from the get-go — a valuable lesson learned for next time!