Digital First Calendar


Every year, Telkom Business sends out personalised gifts to the CEOs of their top clients, using the opportunity to educate them on new products and initiatives.

This year they wanted a calendar; we created a series of artworks for each month of the year, showcasing unique and essential stories from the tech industry.

Telkom Calendar Cover
Telkom Calendar Intro
Telkom Calendar Jan Front
Telkom Calendar Jan Back
Telkom Calendar Feb Front
Telkom Calendar March Front
Telkom Calendar April Front
(I very much regret not photographing the actual calendar when I had the chance…)

Telkom Calendar May Front
Telkom Calendar May Back
Telkom Calendar June Front
Telkom Calendar July Front
Telkom Calendar August Front
Telkom Calendar September Front


Telkom Calendar October Front
Telkom Calendar October Back
Telkom Calendar November Front
Telkom Calendar December Front

Digital First Direct Marketing + Campaign Elements


Without going into too much detail — partially because I’m not sure of the confidentiality, partially because it’s not very interesting — I created a lot of design collateral for Telkom Business.

This included websites, charts, emails (must have been up to 60 of them) package design, flash banners, PDF explainers, in-store screens and loads more. I commend you for having come this far 🙂

Example of a flow chart

Flowchart Final06-01

737 UC Set up workshop 1
737 UC Set up workshop 2
739 UC Workshop confirmation
741 UC Workshop reminder
742 UC Thank You
805 UC No further action

UC Direct Mailer

743 UC advert-02

Would have posted more work but my internet connection is too slow ha ha; telkom