It started with this mythical photograph…

Which, after throwing it into Illustrator, quickly became this intriguing shape…

And after fooling around with a few execution styles…

I ended up with this logomark…


Which was then expanded into this aesthetic.


Search Compilation 1
Search Compilation 2


This exercise continued for the poster designs until I hit a sweet spot (after which no more changes were allowed 😉 )

General Line-Up Poster.

Main Poster
Artist Announcements.

Artists 1
Artists 2
Artists 3
Name tags (to show who’s boss).
Artists 4
Artists 5


Facebook cover.

A map of the festival (made while sitting in an open field with only half-a-bar of phone reception, desperately trying to send this off to the Facebook event wall).

The Search’s main stage, designed by Thom Drier (of PUPIL visuals) and built by anyone they could get their hands on (special thanks to the practical know-how of The Red Telephone crew) turned into a hypnotising 3D-mapped habitat at night. Here’s a video (shot by Thom Drier) documenting the building process from start to finish (I even have a little cameo near the end – hey there, me!)


The festival was incredibly well received. This project was one of the most satisfying I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on – somewhat for the role I got to play in design, but mainly for the quality of input that was provided from everybody involved.