Joshin Rhagubar, the CEO of iKineo, used to throw these amazing dinner parties where everyone from Archbishop Desmond Tutu to members of the African Leadership Initiative attended, where they would discuss and implement positive, visible change. In attempt to relaunch it, I was tasked to create a new identity enabling the idea of the table that can exist anywhere. Work done while employed at iKineo.




The Table

Design + Process

Inspired by the modest trestle table, I created a T that leans in on itself, becoming a foundation for ideas and, well, a table. This lent itself well to the idea of a dinner party without a regular venue — a trestle table can be set up anywhere, be it for work or play, inside or outside, with little hassle. Along with the print identity I also created an online blog for members to keep tabs on upcoming events, read up on relevant topics and, if you’re new, request invites for the newsletter and events.